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    Question regarding domains I just purchased, and GoDaddy

    I purchased 2 domains through yahoo last night ( under $5 each, which is why I did it ), I also purchased a virtual dedicated server through godaddy. Today on the phone, the person at GoDaddy said I have to wait 60 days before I can add the 2 domains I purchased last night at yahoo.

    Well, why will my current host let me add them today? I don't get it? I'm not actually transfering anything, because they aren't being hosted or anything, I've only bought the domain.

    Could anyone shed some light on this? I need to know if I need to cancel my order with GoDaddy, because I will if I have to wait 2 months to use the domains I want with the server.

    Thanks so much


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    Their 1st level support are idiots. When it was stated 60 days that is before you can transfer your domains to GoDaddy.

    Remember a domain and a host are two seperate entities. If you have all the settings for your virtual dedicated server (IP address, username, pwd, etc) then you should be able to set everything up. Of course I have no idea how Yahoo (read Melbourne IT) registers nameservers so that is something you will need to figure out.

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    Thanks eSology, it was a real buzz kill when I was told this but I'm glad to hear it's not the case.

    I'm able to manage my domains through Yahoo, and I can easily change the nameservers.

    When I get my server info, I take it i'll just need to change the nameservers to my new server?

    Thanks again

  4. I was talking with GoDaddy last night also about renewing a domain that I have using paypal which I have money in. For some bullsh*t (security) reason they want me to use a credit card even though I have money in my paypal account. I stated that I would just register it using another registrar, and they mentioned some crap about waiting 60 days(I dont know if they were talking about transferring the domains or not). I should be able to snatch them up with another registrar correct? Or should I backorder them somewhere? I DONT want to loose it, but I'm not sure what to do.

    Any ideas?

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