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    Question Possible for Non-Canadian to register .ca domains?

    I would like to register some .ca domains for personal use, however I am not a Canadian nor working in Canada;

    Is it possible for me to register .ca domains?

    I know that there is some service which helps to protect (or mask) my personal information from the public - could this service help me in registerting the domain without deleting them due to I am not a Canadian?

    Thanks a lot for reviewing my questions.

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    I had a sub-reseller register a few. eNom smacked them after two months because he couldn't provide proof he was candian or lived in Canada. I'm sure nameslave can shed some light on this but the short answer is NO.

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    Thanks a lot eSology.
    Then I will try to look at other extensions instead.

    And how about .IT Domains?
    Do I need to prove myself an Italian?
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    Originally posted by eSology
    I'm sure nameslave can shed some light on this but the short answer is NO.
    Thanks for alerting me of this.

    The full documentation of the Canadian presence requirements for dot ca domains is here:

    I really wouldn't recommend going for one if you are not Canadian. I KNOW that there are a lot of decent names which are otherwise not available in .com, but your ownership will be very shaky.

    Those privacy services only hide your contact info from the public, not the registrar or registry. A workaround would be to ask someone else who is Canadian to lease (or let you use) the domain but you probably could not claim ownership. Hope this helps.
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