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    will it be possible without shell access??

    hi all
    usually server people dont allow shell access..
    And if we have some backup or may be some tar or zip files..
    will it be possible for uplaoding the files using ftp and then extract tat in server using some php code ??

    can anyone help me in this ..
    thanks in advance

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    Ask your host

    Upload your backups as .tar - and then give them an email, ask to them to untar the files. After all, you're paying for a service right?

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    It's actually very possible if your server doesn't have system() blocked off. Take a look through the php manual (@ for the system() call, then modify it to do what you need it to do
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    hi i did this ..
    i made a file named a.php
    <?system('unzip -aL');?>
    when i tried to run this php file..
    i got this output
    "Archive: "

    can anyone help ?

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