(I'm not sure if this is the right forum, so if the moderator gods deem this question be moved, so be it)

Out of the clear blue sky a slightly used 1U Server plopped out of the heavens and into my hands.

It's a 1Ghz Intel, 1Gig Memory, with an empty slot for a second 1Ghz Intel chip, and as it's not in front of me this moment, I can't tell much else about it. I believe it's got an ATA Hard Drive on it. I'm sure the that HD is currently blank.

I'm currently straining at the limits of a VPS share I'm running,
using Fedora, CPanel/WHM, Fantastico, SpamAssassin.
Pretty much a garden variety install.

Currently at about 60 users (it's a niche market), about 30 databases split between them, about 30Gig bandwidth a month. Total used space, operating system, users and databases are around 8Gig.

As you can guess, SpamAssassin is kicking my server's butt, and I've been debating going to a dedicated solution, because the next level up in the VPS would put me spending almost as much as a small dedicated box. The dedicated solution quickly transformed into a colocated solution when the server became available when someone else upgraded.

I'd like to take this gift from the gods, pray that's it's not secretly sent by the devil to mess my hosting life up completely and perhaps Co-Locate it nearby.

While nothing is easy, I sure would like to take the box to a local colocation facility and clone almost everything across to the new box.

I'd probably like to optimize the mail/SpamAssassin while I'm at it.

By this time next year, we'll be about double users/ databases and probably triple the bandwidth.

I'm not running a cadillac operation; it's mostly to support some of the key users on the server now. So, I can't throw too much money at this.

Besides finding another 1Ghz chip and perhaps sub'bing out a old 36Gig SCSI HD for the ATA HD
... this box should suit me for the time being, yes?
If I indeed double the users, I could probably afford a REAL server...

My question:

Should I just call around to CoLocation centers, and ask them if they lease CPanel/Fantastico, and if they do, would they install it?


Is it just as easy to install the box at the closest CoLocation center and then find the lease for CPanel / and/or Fantastico online and do it once I have the new static IP? (I'm clueless on the leasing aspect of Cpanel/Fantastico)

I have other questions about moving my entire server space over, but that's only because I've never done anything like it. Minimizing downtime is always a plus.

If there's a nice tutorial on moving that would answer my needs, could someone point me to it?