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    * Very Cheap Advertising starts from $3 in PR6 and other sites.[limited offer]


    Advertising packages for and

    SearchHostDirectory Advertising Package Details:

    Package 1:

    1) One 728x90 rotating banner on top of the site on all the pages. : ( $20/month)

    2) One 234x60 static banners on best rated websites of home page.($15/month)

    3) One 125x125 banner on right hand side just below ispcheck buttom banner on all pages.($20/month)

    Total Package Price [1+2+3] = $50 per month Advertising Package Details :

    Package 2:

    1) Package 468x60 banner on top and bottom rotating will be charged $15 per month

    2) Package 468x60 banner on top and bottom rotating + Button banner (125x125) on right side static will be charged $30 per month.

    3) Package 468x60 banner on top and bottom rotating + Button banner on right side ( 125x125 ) + Your Site on network bar as most popular on top will be charged $35 per month. advertising package details

    New Category in is Top 10 Web Hosts .
    We are adding top 10 web hosts only for $3per month .

    We are also adding best rated site banners just below top 10 web hosts for $5 per month which was $10 before so you are saving 50% advertising package details

    Text links : $35/month
    banners : skycrapers [homepage]: $20/month [all pages : $100]
    banners : 468x60 on top of all pages : $50/month

    for any other ad spaces or customized ad spots and also for other details please mail me to [email protected] or pm me.
    You could also mail me if you need any discounts or if you need any static [hardwired] advertising.

    Good Luck For Hosts !!
    warm regards

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    Could you tell me how many 468x60 banners are in rotation on each of these sites?


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    In hashdot we have 2 and in hostertalk we have 2. we dont have 468x60 banner spots in and

    all 468x60 banner spots can be made hardwired, we will manage a new space if anyone wants a static and hardwired banners.


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