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    Ipmonitor / Linux SNMP OID Howto?


    I'm getting no bites in a different forum, I may have posted in the wrong forum, so I'm trying this one.

    I'm trying to set up Ipmonitor, and I'm having some trouble
    with the snmp monitors.

    I'm running PSA 7.5 and Fedora Core2. snmpd is working properly,
    and I get all the proper results when I run snmpwalk.

    However..... Ipmonitor just keeps balking about the fact that "the data returned from the server is incomprehensible"

    So I'm assuming I've entered something wrong in the monitor config screen.

    Has anyone had any luck setting up SNMP monitors and figure out the mess of OID issues?

    Any advice or pointers would be appreciated. WHT and Google searches turn up squat.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Issue resolved.

    I was missing a few additional numbers at the end of my OID.

    I was feeding IPMonitor an entire tree instead of one specific branch.

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