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    Hosting service randomly deleted by Yahoo Small Business

    I never thought this was possible at Yahoo, but Yahoo accidently deleted an entire web hosting service for my father-in-law's business. No warning, no cause, no e-mail to any of the addresses of the account holder (me) or any of the service administrators. On Friday morning, the account was closed for "other reason" by a program. Several people at Yahoo Billing could not tell me why the account was unilaterally closed. But the business got no e-mail or web hosting for a full business day, and no assurance was made that the web files (of any date) could be recovered or the e-mail accounts restored.

    The full horror story is at my blog at I'll be moving their account to another provider this weekend. Caveat Emptor.

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    You would think a bigboy like Yahoo would at least have backups. But then again, they're a search engine doing hosting so it's not that shocking. Hopefully a backup will come your way!

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    Yea maybe they should stick with their Search Engine...

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