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    setting up nameservers. enom has it?

    This guy, registered at the forums as zahid, bought me two domains.

    The domains can be accessed by When I log in there, I do not see the option of setting up private nameservers.
    How do I go about creating my nameservers?

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    That login page is for Enom registry rocket which provides limited functionality in managing your domains. Either contact the person to create custom nameservers for you or ask him to issue a new domain management URL with functionality to create nameservers. [ We are online Since 2004! ]
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    You can login with your domain and password, then you can click on View/Modify nameservers. You can then switch to "Your own Nameservers" and add them.

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    If you mean that you want to add nameservers for your domain with enom like ns1.yourdomain.tld, then you cannot do this with enom. Only opensrs & some other support this.
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    New nameservers?

    Are the nameservers already registered?

    If so, as previously stated you can switch to custom nameservers and enter them in via the user interface on

    If the name servers are not registered you can register them via
    (On menu under 'Domains'->Advanced Tools->register a name server)
    I believe that the only one who can register the name servers is the person who has them in their enom account.
    If zahid has given you access to manage the domains through, he would be the one to setup the nameservers for you.... an alternative plan is for him to create a sub-account for you and push the domains into it.... at which time you could login to and register the nameservers yourself.

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    Yea, he made me another account.

    I made my nameservers,,
    but in my WHM in "manage nameservers" it only shows one..

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