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    I'm looking for a few jobs as a webdesigner. I just finished my school; Multimedia Designer and I've got my vacation at the moment. I'm looking for a few jobs to keep me busy and also fill up a portfolio. Can do almost all graphic design jobs, from flyers,logo's,banner,complete webdesigns,3d work/animation, flash animation etc. All designs will be unique and fully customized to your (or your clients) needs.

    for webdesigns; I prefer to deliver only the design (full layered .PSD files) since I'm mainly a designer, BUT i can do coding/php/mysql/css/etc. aswell, it only just takes some more time for me (so for you aswell)!

    Some of my latest webdesign works are:
    complete site design (includes coding), php news system, php tutorial system.
    still working on this one, complete site design (includes coding)
    complete site design (includes coding)
    single template (For Sale)

    Some banners I made a while back, not the best, but these were being sold at extremely low prices:

    Prices starting at:
    $25 US - Single Webdesigns (Full layered PSD files)
    $30 US - Coded Webdesigns (Full layered PSD files + Simple handcoded HTML files)
    +$10 US - For Flash included webdesigns
    $10 US - Flyers & Logo's
    $5 US - Banners

    Prices can go up depending on your needs, etc.

    For more info and detailed prices, you may Reply, PM or mail me at: <<snipped>>[@]

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