I'm interested in purchasing forums that are on hobby topics. I already own a coin forum a model trains forum and a card model forum. I'm looking to expand. Ideal topics would be such as chess, ship models, remote control airplanes, aviation, matchbox cars, card games, dolls and dollhouses, horses, crafts, woodworking, pottery, aquariums, hunting, fishing, gardening, homebrewing, magic, photography, and many others.

The ideal forum would have one or more of the following characteristics:
50,000+ posts
1,000+ members
500+ daily uniques
Fanatical membership
Articles and tutorials
Those are ideals, obviously I'd be interested even if a forum came up short by those measures.

Brokers welcome. If you match me up with a seller, I would be pleased to pay you a $100 commission on the sale. I can pay a higher commission if the deal is particularly appealing.