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    Selling Dating Software

    Hello I'm not in need for this dating software anymore due to other plans. I bought it for $200 and have the full licence for it. I can email the owner of the script to change the name and email of the licence.

    The original price can be found at this site.

    Throw me some offers as I want to get rid of it.

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    How much are you interested to get?
    Is it the v3: PHP MatchMaker 3 or an older version?

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    It's for the latest version PHP MatchMaker 3

    I had bought the older version but this licence is valid for this new version without an upgrade charge with the permission of the script owners. I have got a download of version 3 (the latest), which I used my licence code to download.

    willing to sell for $75, saving of $125


    before sale I will change licence information with the owner who you can also email and comfirm.

    Let me know.
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    Is the offer still open?

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