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    Looking to buy Company

    Hi Everyone

    I am looking to buy a company or business. I will make you an offer you can not say no to and at the same time will assure you that I will not waste your time either. If you are a small or medium sized company or business please pm me today.

    Please note I will also accept the sale of clients, software and hardware.


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    whats your contatc information like msn or aim...

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    You do not have enough posts for me to PM you hence if you or anyone needs my address please contact me via PM with your address and we can take it from there.

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    yea well i cant pm you either so if u would like contact me dedicated_iverson (@) i am on msn aswell

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    Would that include forums?

    I have a freelance forum with 1800 members earning around $300+ month - Does this interest you


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    Hi Guys,

    I want to say thank you so far with the offers but I am also looking to buy any licenses you may have for Lpanel, CSS, Kayako etc. If you have any please contact me as I am interested in these as well.


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