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    Hostfeature and Problems

    Any of the threads I searched in were too old to post in and plus none of them answered my question. I'm hoping maybe someone here can help. Also hope I put this in the right forum.

    Ok my problem is for the last 6 months Hostfeature has been ignoring my emails, and they are important as my bill is totally wrong! They say I owe for two years instead of just one, I paid my year last year and they haven't fixed in my billing account. I've emailed them about this, but have never gotten an answer from them. I also emailed mesopia because when they changed servers or something back in febuary my email was from mesopia's support group. But them thing of it is they didn't even help me either??

    Another problem is they still haven't changed my domain name. So I have someone else domain name that is considered mine, which is really weird to me. All the page is, can't find this domain, but it's frustrating to have work with my databases, emails, ect they automatically go to my main domain that is not working!

    They support was fine until around October of last year they went down the drain and are really making me angry. I'm afraid one day my sites are going to get deleted or my account suspended because they are not answering me. Also so you all know their phone number is no longer working either, so I have tried all their contacts which is email and phone, nothing else. And I don't want to make mesopia mad by bothering them anymore. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do, I'm thinking of switching hosts but I like my plan as it's not too expensive and works great for my site usage.

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    There not a huge deal you can do. I would recommend you changing hosts and i am sure if you look around in the Web Hosting Offers form there be someone that can do you hosting for around the same as your current people.
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    You've been enduring that for 6 months already?? If I were you I would switch host and hope to get some or most of your money back.

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    make sure you keep local backups.. because you are probably right when you said one day your sites will be deleted.
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    Backup and move on to a new host, personally I would not stick with this host since they have been troubling you for the past 6 months.

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    With all this trouble you're having, it surprises me you haven't left them long ago. Re. the domain: never handle domains thru your web host.
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    Yea I just haven't switched yet as we haven't had the money to, I was hoping to resolve this issue with them, but look where it got me, lolz. It's almost like they dropped off the face of the earth or something. I'm also afraid they will charge me to cancel, although I have to say I haven't paid for this year, which was due back in May since I haven't been able to get ahold of them...knowing my luck they will charge for it, or at least make me pay something, which is ok as long as it's not too much since THEY as a hosting company SHOULD keep their customers happy! I read somewhere (can't give the url) that Jay Higdon owns Hostfeature and Mesopia, so I might contact him to find out what's going on.

    Also with the domain thing I have one that is hosted by them but not through them, as in I got it from mydomain, which is my main domain, but the domain they supposedly gave me for free is all screwed up! Hope theat cleared that issue up, sorry i should have stated that before. I do know probably this next weekend, since this week I'm going to do some research on a few companies I'm looking at, I'm going to try them for ONE month first and then maybe pay a few months at time before I go for a year.

    Also thanks for the comments. I was hoping someone had them and would know what has happened to them, maybe someone does and hasn't answered yet.

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    I agree with everyone else here - move on! You will never be happy with them.
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    Yep I am Also I was talking to my friend who referred me to them, as like I said they were great, he doesn't have a problem with them they answer his it's kinda weird that they are ignoring me, maybe they think they are going to get more then they deserve? I don't know but they are NOT getting anything out of me anymore, so now all I'm waiting is a confirmation and details about my account with my new host.

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