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    SHOUTcast - Teamspeak - Ventrilo

    Hello there. If you need help with any of the forementioned, SHOUTcast, Teamspeak, or Ventrilo, I would be more than happy (and able) to assist you.

    I am 17 and have been dealing with the servers for roughly 3 years now. I know most everything there is to know about them, and I won't charge you an arm and a leg to help you. In some cases, I'll even help people for free when they are in a tight spot (if I have time to spare).

    So send me a PM if you need my help.

    Nick Wrasse

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    would you know of a method of streaming shoutcast to a flash player? (embedded in web)

    thanks - Your Chinese Radio Online!

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    Yes I would.

    And ampra, maybe it's just me but I have to say that was a very unprofessional thing to do. Have some courtesy around here like everyone else does for you. I wouldn't go into your and try to steal people talking to you.

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