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    [FOR HIRE] Technical Support Rep


    My name is Steve Joyner and I looking for a technical support position within a midsize to large hosting company. I can provide 24/7 support to webhosting companies all over the globe. I have over 6 years in the field of webhosting support and service.

    I can do support by the following forms of communication:

    Various Instant Messaging Programs
    Online Incident Report Form

    I charge anywhere between $75 and $175 per week based on how many tickets, hours, and days per week you want me to work. Each company is different and therefore looked on by a case by case basis. Please contact me the following ways to get a price quote for your company:

    E-mail: [email protected]
    AIM: WindowsKing2004

    AIM is perferred.

    P.S.- I am looking to get a job quickly because I am moving out on my own soon and the bills will be coming shortly


    Steve Joyner

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    What experience do you have with Linux/Windows servers and most of the control panels out there?

    Sorry if it seems like I'm bashing your thread but you said you could offer 24/7 support to web hosting companies above in your original thread, my question is how? Don't you need sometime off to sleep or whatever

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    I have experience with every major control panel including ( i.e. Ensim, Cpanel). The way I provide 24/7 support is through phone. If someone calls at 2am, I'll wake up and fix the problem. I have vast knowledge with Linux servers. and above average knowledge of windows servers

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