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    Looking for a Web site designer

    We are looking to have a website built from scratch. We are starting a new company in unmanaged dedicated servers. We will not be offering nothing else.

    Here are some stuff we would like in the site:

    * Flash Header (nothing to fancy just eye catching)
    * order form
    * support ticket system
    * Colors (blue/white/black)

    We do have some ideas but not to picky. We do have our TOS, AUP and SLA ready.

    The website will be hosted on a box with Fedora Core 3 and Webmin.

    We are very unartistic so we will rely on the person who we pick to come up with the ideas and will have free control on design. I know I missed something so feel free to contact us to get more info from us.

    Please PM me with questions and anything else needed. We will look over every offer and respond to them all. We will pay by paypal.

    Thank You

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    Hello (can't PM yet)..

    I work for Verticity. One of our highly skilled experienced Web Developers can do this work for you...

    Take a look at my profile for more information...

    Email me: [email protected]

    I can send you a detailed packet with over 50 projects we completed with links and info on them...

    Our rates are very cost effective and the work high class.

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    Hello I have already PMd you hope you're interested in us

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    Do have a set deadline for this project?

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    No set deadline. But we would like a reasonable timeframe.

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    Thank you all

    we have found a designer!!!!

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