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    Team Speak/ventrilo Support Needed

    My partner and I are looking to get into voice hosting.

    Here is more information about what we are looking for.

    We are currently running a server with Linux RedHat. We need someone to help us get both TeamSpeak and Ventrilo up and running. Once this is complete, you will be responsible for support tickets for both programs.

    Once the initial phase of this is complete, you will also aid in the programming and development of our reliable and user friendly game control panel.

    Again, the position does require knowledge of PHP, MySQL, TeamSpeak, and Ventrilo. You must also be able to reply to all support tickets within 12 hours of posting.

    You will be paid on a per ticket bases. We will pay you $50 for getting TS & Ventrilo up and running (without any errors), then a $1.00 per ticket successively closed. You will also have your own TS and Ventrilo account to use. And, once our game control panel is complete, you may* be rewarded with a 20% partnership.

    We are also looking into hosting some games. If you have some experience here that will also be great.

    If you are still interested in this position, then please contact me at [email protected]. If you have any questions or concerns please address them to me in your reply email. Once I hear from you I will reply to any questions or concerns you may have, I will ask a couple questions of you and we will go from there.

    Our plan is to have this position filled within the next 2 weeks the latest. So reply right away.

    *most likey will, it just depends on your over all work performance and professional ethical behavior

    Thank you again for your time,

    Don Adams
    [email protected]

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    Position filled

    We here at TDA Gaming would like to thank you for applying for our tech position. However, we regret to inform you that we have filled that position.

    We will keep your email on file and if we find a need to hire another tech or if we need some beta testers we will contact you first.

    Thank you for your time and considering employment with us,

    Don Adams & Todd Donnal

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