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    Help desperately needed...

    Don't know if this is even in the right section, but...

    To start with - I know HeeHaw about computers. I know enough to get by, but not much else.

    I wanted to start my own website so bought a domain name at 123-reg and bought a hosting account also.
    A few days later I also bought FrontPage extensions under the impression that this would enable me to start building my site.
    So far I can't see what I'm getting for my hundred pounds as no option to start building seems to be open to me and the help section is extremely unhelpful.
    Am I missing something?
    What do I need to do to be able to start building my site? Afterall I've paid for the domain name and hosting space and also Frontpage!
    I'm really stumped but can't just give up because I've chucked far too much money at this project and I still really wanna build my site. It just seems so needlessley complicated.
    If anyone can advise, help or enlighten me in anyway I would be EXTREMELY grateful!!!
    I probably look like a complete twat here, but...

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    Welcome to WHT, PhutPhut

    FrontPage Extensions is something that, if you have the Microsoft FrontPage program, allows your computer to connect to your host's server and edit/create your website. I don't know much more about them than that since I've never used FrontPage.

    You may want to get yourself a copy of FrontPage or (better yet) do a search on google for some beginner HTML sites. Learn what HTML is and how to use it and it will greatly benefit you down the road when you become more proficient at building websites.

    You can also do a search for free website templates to get you started.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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    P-nut, nice site you have there. I'll post on our forium about it because we have lots of OSCommerce users.
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    If you have frontpage installed on your computer let me know and I will guide you through the basics of getting a website up and running using that.
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    Hi there.
    Thanks for your replies guys!!!
    About having FrontPage installed onmy computer: The support guy at 123-reg told me in an email: "The FrontPage extensions would have been added to the hosting space, not
    your computer." but there was a folder installed on my harddrive called "microsoft frontpage" but the folder is completely empty.

    I already sort of know the basics of HTML. I built a few free websites with and had a blast. Which is why it's so frustrating that I'm now having so many problems with something that should be relatively simple. (And something that I've paid a lot of money for!!!)

    This support guy from 123-reg also told me: "You need to upload your website via FrontPage using the login details we
    issued you"
    But I keep trying to explain to him that I don't know WHERE it is I have to login to. Is it on their site? SHould I download a programme? Is it on another site?

    From what I gather already from the previous posts I will have to purchase Microsoft Frontpage in order for the extensions to work? So, does it matter what edition? Would 2002 work as well as 2003? I can get 2002 muuuch cheaper on ebay thatn 2003.

    I appreciate your kind offers of help! I hope that I can beat my way through the jungle of confusion and build a stuning site. Your help is VERY much appreciated!!!
    For an 'amateur' it's all very confusing.
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    You need to use FrontPage to build your site on your computer and the server has to have the extensions installed to support it.

    By default most webservers don't support FrontPage for various reasons.

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    I see things much more clearly now!

    I ordered a copy of FrontPage 2003 from Ebay so it should be here sometime next week then I can begin creating!!!

    Hopefully there will be no more problems. lol

    I appreciate all the helpful advice offered!!!
    I'll check back to this site regularly to browse the forums for helpful info etc.

    Keep up the good work guys!!!


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    Originally posted by NexDog
    P-nut, nice site you have there. I'll post on our forium about it because we have lots of OSCommerce users.
    Thanks, NexDog Much Appreciated!

    @PhutPhut - Glad you got it straightened out; you'll be up and running in no time!
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