Okay, I've had these two templates for a while, and I do own all rights to them.

The first one is http://comehit.us/layouts/Gaming/

I was going to launch a gaming division of my company, unfortunately, that didn't pan out. I paid $125 to get this layout done, there's TWO PSD's for it, one for the layout (it's already sliced, as well) and one for a 468x60 banner. I own full rights to this and will transfer based on the option below.

Non Unique owner: $50.00 - This will get you the zipped package, you do not have the rights to resell this. And others may have the same or similar layout.

Unique owner: $100.00 - You get complete rights to this, including resell. There's no fonts included in this. My loss is your gain!

This layout utilizes a javascript drop down menu across the top and has three columns. Perfect for any gaming company looking for an updated design.

Please note that I am NOT a graphics person, so if you need the PSD edited or sliced, you will need to contact a graphics person (I have two I can personally recommend).

The second one is: http://comehit.us/layouts/csslayout/

I was going to utilize it for FunkyNews.net, however, I sold the domain, so I have no need for it. It's XHTML Transitional, CSS based. I only have the PSD for the mouseover menu on the left (the one with the smiley).

I paid $45 for this layout, had to do some tweaking to get it XHTML/CSS validated, and it checks out now. I'm willing to let this one go for a paltry $15.00 to the first person that posts SOLD for it. You get complete ownership of it, I will not use this layout again.

Payments via PayPal only. For the first one, you will receive a copy of this on CD, with a copy of my PayPal receipt, which will be sent via certified mail to prevent chargebacks.