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    [For sale] XHTML/CSS Template with 2 pages

    HAND coded entirely in XHTML 1.0 Strict and styled completely using CSS. You won't find one <img> picture in it.

    Optimized for both Firefox and Internet Explorer and made accessible for Opera.

    This template ensures accessability and speed, because there are no tables used thuss no unneccessary <td>'s it saves alot of space. Because it uses CSS the content is 100% seperated from design. CSS documents also get cached so you don't have to download the document on every page and that will speed it up extremely.

    Low quality screenshots:

    99% accurate PSD comes with it (unaccuracy in widths and heights might be found).

    2 Pages, fully customizable.

    The navigation can be edited by adding <li>Link name</li> to it, that's all.

    Starting bid: $15
    Highest bidder gets it and it's unique.
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    Looks good, Good luck with the sales

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    thanks man

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