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Thread: No system beep

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    No system beep

    just got new mobo/processor

    Put everything together and the fans went on and off.. start debug

    Unpluged everything except power supply, on/off button, system speaker, power led, video card.

    There is no system beep, nothing on display. Only thing that works are the fan

    any ideas? - Your Chinese Radio Online!

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    can you explain abit more? which fan? cpu fan or the psu fan?
    there can be alot of things that you need to do, first thing is check if your motherboard is compatible with the specific cpu! sometimes some mb's are only compatible with VERY specific cpu's!

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    i called tech support... and got HUNG UP during the first waiting.. tried again

    they said system was to post no matter what... and to return to retailer

    so.. called new egg and they agree to return - i just have to pay for shipping and new paste thingy

    AHHA i was finally able to afford this (gigabyte ga k8ns ultra 939 & amd 3700+ athlon 64) and now i have to wait again - Your Chinese Radio Online!

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