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    Wierd subdomain issue.

    My client with the primary domain He has an addon domain called, prior to me moving servers he had setup a subdomain . The subdomain stopped working after the server move. When i try adding it in cpanel i get the following error.

    SubDomain Creation
    We were unable to locate your current domain name, in the webserver configuration! The subdomain cannot be added because information about your domain could not be obtained from the webserver configuration file.

    If you look at the screenshot below you`ll notice that the subdomain already appears in the domain selection area....

    But it does not appear in the remove section in the screen below. doesnt appear in the addon domain section either as seen in the screen below..

    Any ideas what i could do to resolve this issue and get his working fine ?

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    I've seen ths error long back. If my memory is intact, its because of missing entry in backend config files. Check if the domain name is specified in files like
    /var/cpanel/users/ <username>

    I dont remember which file it is. You'll have to edit the file from backend.
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