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    Ipmonitor & Linux snmp OID issues


    I've used Ipmonitor in the past, and am trying to set it up again
    to monitor a few Linux servers.

    I'm trying to use the snmp QA , so I can monitor disk space,
    load avg, etc. However...

    When I enable the monitors, I get the error message:
    (The response from the remote device was incomprehensible)

    It seems I have an issue with the OID string.

    In the monitor "test parameters" field, I have the I.P,
    community name, and UDP port, as well as for my load avg monitor,
    and OID of

    The monitor is set up to analyze numerical data, and look to see if the value is over 500 (Load avg of 5)

    If I run snmpwalk on the server, I can see that my string to pull up free disk space is:

    and my load avg is:

    I'm using the command:

    snmpwalk -v 1 ip_address -c community_id

    or :

    snmpwalk -v 1 -c revealed

    The results returned show me snmpd is running, and the data returned from each command is accurate.

    However, as per the Ipmonitor error shows, something somewhere in the Ipmonitor setup isnt quite right.

    Does anyone have any pointers, tips or suggestions?

    A quick forum search didnt turn up much.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Anyone? I can't possibly be the only person on WHT
    who has ever attempted to set up Ipmonitor snmp traps.

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    Two days, and nothing yet.

    I really could use a hand with this.

    Even some info on OID's in general, which seems to not come up on ANY google searches would be nice.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Issue resolved.

    I was missing a few additional numbers at the end of my OID.

    I was feeding IPMonitor an entire tree instead of one specific branch.

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