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    Worry-free Reseller Dedicated server

    $175/month - No signup fees

    [email protected]

    This is not an oversold plan.
    Only you will have use of this server.

    All the advantages of a dedicated server
    without all the headaches of administration!

    Limited quanities - Act Now

    Server Specs:
    Xeon 2x2.0 HT
    1 gigs ECC Ram
    36 gig SCSI drive

    Network Infomation:
    100 mbit port
    Test file:
    Server location: Hivelocity - Tampa, Florida

    Plan details:
    Hsphere control panel (on a seperate server)
    30 gigs of usable space
    Your own dedicated webserver
    Your own dedicated mail server with antivirus, antispam, and SPF
    Your own dedicated mySQL server
    Anon nameservers
    Integrated billing
    Intgrated Support system
    Access to Psoft's new easy app collection (install over 25 apps at the click of a button)
    1000 Gigs/month transfers
    Shell access
    16 IPs
    25 billable accounts

    Thank you for browsing and have a nice day.

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    wrong forum

    This should be in the deds forum

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    This is not a dedicated server. This server would be used by only one reseller, but it is in a shared hosting Hsphere cluster. For example the control panel and dns servers for the reseller are shared servers in the cluster. Also the reseller would only have shell access to the server. They do not have root access.

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    not bad, i like the spec.. i might buy for my other site..

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