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    Xeon and Opteron 64 server solutions

    [email protected]

    Server location: Hivelocity/Tampa Florida
    Test file:

    Contact us today. Limited quantities on-hand.

    Intel 1U Xeon SCSI Solution
    Price: $139 / No setup
    CPU: 2 x Xeon 2.0 gig HT
    Ram: 1G DDR ECC
    Harddrives: 1x36 gig 10k RPM SCSI
    Raid Controller: NA
    Case: 1U rackmount
    Network Adapter: 1 x Intel GigE, 1 x Intel 100
    Network Port: 100 mbit
    Bandwidth: 1000 gig/month

    AMD-64 Raid 0/1/10 Solution
    Price: $229/month - No setup
    CPU: 2x Opteron 246 64-bit 1Meg Cache
    Ram: 2 gig DDR Registered ECC
    Harddrives: 4x36 gig 10k RPM SCSI
    Raid Controller: SCSI raid 0,1,10
    Case: 2U rackmount
    Network Adapter: 2 x Broadcom GigE
    Network Port: 100 mbit
    Bandwidth: 1250 gig/month

    Thank you for browsing and have a nice day.
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    how much for w2k/w2k3 web and std? tks.

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    2k3 web: 24.95/month
    2k/2k3std: 34.95/month

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    How many IPs can you allocate?

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    Each server comes with 4 IPs. Additional IP are available with justification.

    And yes the above was one of our sales persons. The abbreviations are not the major error in the above. I do not know about you but I would like to have a 2GHz fsb (or even a 1.6GHz fsb for that matter).

    Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, the opteron servers include 2x Opteron 246 Sledgehammers with an core operating frequency of 2GHz.

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    May I install Gentoo Linux if I adquire the Opteron box?

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    We will provide the live CD and ssh access.

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    I want both of them but to far : / Ill talk to boss maybe we can use the dual xeon since its dirt cheap

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