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    [Sale] Tutorial Website


    I am offering up for sale again.

    Bid starts @ $50 and if you are looking for stats PM me because I currently have just moved.

    I do beleive it gets around 60+ uniques a week.
    BIN - $200 - or any offer I see reasonable

    Hosting it is hosted on a 1 year account so you have whatever is left which should be until sometime next year in January.

    Revenue - $0.01 per day, stats for this can be provided although our bidvertiser account is sitting at $1.64, and our clicksor ads are at $0.63.


    There has been some edited changes to the wordpress script, mainly for keywords and descriptions for the pages, which are in the admin area.

    An adsense plugn was modified to be able to post our clicksor ads in every post.

    Comes with the .psds for everything on the page, and as well I am throwing in numerous .info domains and its script (custom made, incomplete too) as it is hosted on the same account.

    Happy Bidding And Thanks For Your Time.

    Brett Quast

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    Buy it all for $40 lowest I'll go first person to post sold gets it all. I really need to sell this quick.
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    Want to ask, is there a backend to that imagehosting script? I might be interested in buying. Thanks
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    no backend sorry

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    I'll go $60 for - I'm assuming that once the website has been purchased, the content of the site can be used on other sites?
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