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    Article Writers Needed (Paid)

    We are looking for article writers to write on web design and development, SEO, e-commerce, and basically just about anything to do with the Web. Articles will be published to a variety of how-to and tutorial-related websites and newsletters. You will be required to turn full copyright for the articles over to us.

    If we like your work, the final per-word offer we make to you will be dependant on a number of factors. You don't have to be an English major or even have English as your first language, as we will be having an editor go over the articles; however, if your writing requires extensive editing expect a lower price-per-word offer. Articles should be between 500 and 1,000 words, although smaller how-to articles are also possible.

    You must have an established Web presence, and be able to provide examples of your work. If you have references that will be a big plus. You also must be able to accept payment via PayPal.

    If you are interested please e-mail or PM me with: a) your contact information; b) a list of article topics you would be interested in writing on; c) examples and references; d) how much you are expecting per word.

    Below is a list of the types of articles we are looking for. This is just a general example; we are looking for anything related to web design and development, SEO, e-commerce, etc., so if you have other ideas please let us know.

    Planning Your Website's Design
    Site Navigation 101
    Selecting a Domain Name
    Designing for Online Success
    Writing for Online Success
    Should You Publish an eZine?
    Making Your Writing Come Alive
    Web Promotion Basics
    Things to Avoid When Promoting Your Site
    Affiliate Income Basics
    E-Commerce Tutorial
    Online Advertising Basics
    Hiring a Web Designer
    Web Design Software Roundup
    Intro to Web Video
    Cross Browser/Platform Compatibility
    Design Basics for Absolute Beginners
    Optimizing Your Site
    Hot Design Tips
    Banner Ad Design
    Beta Testing Your Site
    Introduction to Web Accessibility
    Graphics Software Roundup
    Image Optimization Basics
    Web Typography Basics
    JavaScript Tips & Tricks (this can be several small articles)


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    I am responding to your post for article writers. I have experiencing writing articles on a variety of different topics. In addtion, I am a small business owner and have covered many of these topics in my own "quest" for information.

    Many times when I write, I am subcontracting or writing articles for webmasters and website owners to use as they see fit. Because of this, you often will not see my name under my work. However, I will paste two articles in this message.

    If you would like to see more samples of my work, please let me know where I can email samples (as attachments) to you. My rate of pay is $0.02 per word. This is negotiable.

    Have a great day!

    Kristian M McHenry
    [email protected]


    Open For Business

    Have you ever dreamed of becoming your own boss? Do you want to get away from the monotony of your nine to five job? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you may have considered going into business for yourself. Opening your own business can be exciting, rewarding and even prosperous. However, it is never an easy road. Before taking the plunge to start your own business, you must carefully consider several factors.

    Small businesses are defined as those that have 500 employees or less. Of course, many small businesses have only a couple employees if any. Small businesses account for over 99% of all employers in the US. Fifty-three percent of small businesses are home based. Failure rates for small businesses are highest in the first few years in operation. It takes a great deal of time and dedication to make a small business successful. Sometimes, even then the business will not succeed. There are steps you can take when deciding to open a new business to improve your chances of doing well.

    Do You Have What it Takes

    You must first decide if you have what it takes to be your own boss. Do you have the motivation and the drive to work hard to achieve success? Can you put your all into your business each and every day? Being a small business owner is not easy. You may be leaving a job where you worked a 9-5 job, five days a week and had every weekend off. When your business is new you could be putting many, many more than 40 hours a week into your work. There are some weeks you may work 50-60 hours or even more. It is important that you are sure you can be committed to working as many hours as it takes to run your business. If you do not want to work long, hard hours then staring your own business may not be for you.

    Running your own business is a good deal different than working for someone else. We all have our days, when we would rather be anywhere than at work. Sometimes when people work for a larger corporation and they are having a bad day, they slack off a little. When you work for a larger company sometimes you can take it a little easier and slower than you should and the affects although present are minimal. However, this is not the case when you are in charge of your own company.

    If you slack off and decide that you are not going to work very hard today; your company could surely suffer. You are the boss and as such you must always be on your toes and ready to work and handle any problems that may come your way. Ending the workday early or starting late is not a good idea. If you have employees working for you, you would not be setting a good example. You are ultimately responsible for everything that goes on in your business, if you are not there, who will take on this responsibility?

    Is This the Best Decision For Your Family?

    Again, if you are not sure that you can be dedicated to your business each and everyday, starting a business may not be the best choice for you. You should also carefully consider whether or not starting your own business is the best choice for your family, as they will be affected by your decision as well.

    Make sure that your family understands how much time you may need to devote to the business if you decide to open for business. If you have a young family, you will probably want to consider this very carefully. For anyone with a spouse, you should carefully discuss the pros and cons of starting a new business. Do you have their support?

    Keep in mind that times may very well be tough when you first start the business. Is your spouse going to be able to help pay the family’s expenses if times get rough with the business? Is your family going to be willing to sacrifice things that they are used to when business is slow? For example, will they be understanding if you can’t buy that new car this year or if you will not be able to take a family vacation? If you have the support of your family and you believe that you have some peace of mind for when business is slow, they you may be ready to move on to the next step of planning your own business.

    What Type of Business Will You Open?

    You may be tempted to open a business that sounds luxurious. Perhaps you know someone who started a business in a certain area who is now very prosperous and successful. One cannot randomly pick a business and one should not select a business solely because they believe those particular types of businesses are more likely to succeed and be highly profitable.

    It is essential to carefully think about the type of business you want to start. Consider your knowledge, skills, talents and hobbies. Do you have a particular hobby that could become a business? For instance, do you love to cook? Have you been told you are an excellent cook? Perhaps you would want to consider opening a family restaurant or a catering business.

    You will want to choose a business that you will enjoy. The business should involve areas where you are experienced and knowledgeable. Your business will take up a great deal of your time and efforts. Do not go into business doing something that you are merely good at, but instead select something you can do well and that you enjoy. If you enjoy designing websites, that may be a good option for you. However, if you are great at designing websites but really do not like to spend all day designing, do not open a web design business. Your business may do well because you are a talented web designer but if you are unhappy in your work that may be reflected in your week over time.

    Where Will You Conduct Business

    Once you have established what type business you want to establish, consider where your business will be located. Will this be an e-commerce or Internet business? Will the business be based out of your home or will you be setting up an office somewhere? Once you decide where your business will be located, you will need to begin contemplating what you will need to start your business.

    Some businesses require very little overhead or supplies. Others require a great deal of equipment and employees. Make a list of the supplies you will need, if you need to rent or purchase a building, how many employees will you need and so forth. Once you establish what you need, you will need to begin planning how to pay for your business venture. Research financing methods online to discover ways that you can obtain money and investments for your business.


    This article is just a general overview of the initial steps when considering opening your own business. The important thing is that you take the time to carefully consider what opening your own business will involve. Do not jump right in without weighing your options and considering the possible advantages and disadvantages of becoming your own boss. Good Luck!


    Market Your Way To Success


    Marketing your way to success may sound simple enough, but the truth is for almost any business you wish to operate, competition will be intense. You need to work hard at not only getting word about your business out to your target market, but also showing your potential clients why they should choose your business over the others. This task is far from easy.

    Some small business owners do not put enough time or effort into their marketing techniques. They may start out strong and then as the other aspects of the business begin to take more time, they begin to slack off on their advertising and marketing campaigns. Running a small business is a challenge and does take a great deal of time. You cannot concentrate too much on any one aspect of the business. However, without good advertising and marketing, your business could quickly crash. Having a great product or service will not do you much good if no one has ever heard of your business.

    Many business owners also are under the impression that a good marketing campaign will be very expensive. But the truth is you can market your company and market it well within your budget. And any small business owner knows there can be times (especially in the beginning) when money is very tight. We will look at some ways you can market your business without spending much if any money.

    Online Marketing

    If your business is going to be an e-commerce business or if you are going to have a business website online, you have many ways to market your business at the touch of your fingertips. The first thing you will want to do is create a professional website that includes a great deal of quality content. You will want a website that is professional and practical. The website should be easy for viewers to navigate and find exactly what they are looking to find.

    Once you have a website that you can be proud of, start to submit your URL to search engines and web directories. They say over 95% of Internet users utilize search engines. This is one of the most effective ways to make it possible for clients to find you. You will also want to have your website URL included in some directories and on other quality websites. This will serve two purposes, people visiting those sites and directories can find you and it can help improve your search engine ranking. (SEO optimization and PR is also important and you should do some research on those topics).

    Another great marketing medium is the use of online forums. There are an abundance of online communities covering a variety of different topics. Let's just take an example for a moment. Assume you are going to start up a web hosting business. There are many quality web hosting and webmaster forums. At these forums you can respond to requests for hosting and even advertise your business. Forums are an excellent way to establish your credibility, to become known as an expert and your field and even to find customers. Most forums will also allow you to place your website’s URL in your signature which is another way to gain exposure for your business.

    Advertising Offline

    If your business is not primarily web based or not web based at all, you will want to advertise offline. There are many ways to advertise that cost money. For example, you can take out ads in the yellow pages and in newspapers in your operating area. You could advertise on cable television or on the radio to name a few marketing methods. However, even offline marketing does not need to cost you a lot of money.

    One easy way to promote your business is to have some quality business cards and even flyers printed. You can distribute these flyers and business cards in your local area. Always carry business card with you. You never know when you may meet someone who could use your services. There are also many times when you will see business cards posted and you may be able to post your own.

    Consider providing a free seminar in your area. This will be a good way to reach out to the community. You can provide valuable information to members of your local area. At the same time you will be able to promote your business. Ideally, you may even find a few potential clients.

    You can also volunteer to be a guest speaker at local events and be active in civic groups and other community organizations. Again, this provides an excellent way to reach out in your community. When you give a speech in your area of expertise you can establish yourself as an expert in your field and again can promote your business.

    Getting out and about in your community is probably one of the most important methods to market your business. Many people may overlook this as one of their main marketing methods. However by giving speeches and seminars in your community, you can enhance your credibility while also establishing a professional reputation.

    When you are involved in the local communities, you will meet people. It provides you with an opportunity to network. You can identify potential clients. At the same time you will be getting the word out about your businesses and yourself. The point isn’t so much to make instant sales or even necessarily to find clients instantly. Instead you will be promoting your business and establishing a network of contacts that may very well lead to sales and new customers in the future.


    No matter what type of business you are operating, your marketing strategies are key to your the success of your business. There are many marketing techniques that you can use online and off to promote your business. Many of these methods will cost you very little money, but could lead to many sales. These few marketing tips will be a good start to any marketing strategy. Remember that marketing your business is key to your success. Spend time and effort on your advertising and marketing techniques and be creative.

    Planning Your Website's Design
    Selecting a Domain Name
    Writing for Online Success
    Should You Publish an eZine?
    Making Your Writing Come Alive
    Web Promotion Basics
    Things to Avoid When Promoting Your Site
    Online Advertising Basics
    Hiring a Web Designer

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    you can try the website as a suggestion

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    Thanks, I did look at that but a) after searching here it looks like they're trying to sell their site, and b) I was less than impressed with the samples on their site.

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    Just to inform, is no longer for sale. We are open for business again and taking orders. Our article samples reflect our niche market - Search engine optmized articles. Our writers are availbale for more informational articles. Like some of our clients say" we dont need the articles to be search engine friendly, just human friendly"
    At we can do both ways

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