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    Question I like direct telnet access. My clients want a GUI interface - Solution?

    I like to manage my server by my self - directly in a bash shell via SSH. But I also like to give my costumers the benefit of having a nice user interface like cPanel or Plesk Reloaded.

    At the moment I'm using a WHM/cPanel compo, but is it possible to (either with cPanel, Plesk Reloaded or both) to skip the administration GUI interface and just Telnet/SSH into the box and manually manage you server? Or will I risk breaking something so that Plesk/cPanel suddenly doesn't work?

    I mean if I manually edit the Apache httpd.conf file in VI, can Plesk or cPanel then still read it successfully?


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    I think the answer depends on exactly what you mean by "manage your server." I can't speak for cPanel, but at least in the case of Plesk it's definitely possible to edit files like httpd.conf without breaking anything--up to a point anyway. I think the answer depends on exactly how much you want to modify the server configuration files.

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    If you know all the system files for the control panel... go ahead and do it all from ssh... otherwise... i would pass.

    cPanel is basically run by scripts though, so you can invoke most scripts from the CLI and have what you need done, while still getting your SSH fix.
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