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    Warnings of spyderzwebz

    One day I find spyderzwebz and looked sometimes but one day I could not reach it for hours when it come back the uptime it said 90% 5 hours on website on 22ND. A day after they deleted the uptime and started it again!!! I seen guarantee 100% uptime it not true and sending in request why. I seen a warez version of deskpro there!!!!!!!!!!!!! X-Mailer: DeskPRO Nullified

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    Care to elaborate on how you went about exploring all this?

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    How did you know it was a Warez version??? I would say about 80% of the hosts say "99.9%" uptime guarantee.. I have link to a Site Monitor on my site to SHOW my customers and visitors rather then saying "we have 100% uptime and blah blah blah"

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    Re: Warnings of spyderzwebz

    Originally posted by emcoder
    I seen a warez version of deskpro there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Where did you see this? Was it on the hosting site itself? (Sorry, a bit confused..)

    If you're still with this host and have concerns, have you attempted to take your thoughts to the host?

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