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    I've had about a year and a half experience with and prior to coming here I thought their hosting prices were incredible.

    Even so, after seeing all the cheap prices I believe offers great uptime garauntee as well as customer support.

    They definitely get my Recommendation (tm)

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    Well, great. Could you expand on this maybe?
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    Well, offering latest stables of Apache 1.3.x, PHP, MySQL, mod_python I'm very impressed (other stuff that are natural too).

    Whenever I have a problem (which is rarely) they resolve it quickly and smoothly.

    I used to have my days of looking for webhosts through Google, which was very tough. And their prices seemed incredibly cheap, but then I've seen VERY cheap hosts on WHT.

    Regardless of this fact, I'm not regretting I ever signed up with

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    thanks for the review man

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    I thought I'd heard of nearly every company. Hmm. I'll have to give them a look. Thanks!
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    I agree. I have had some minor problems with downtime, but they gave me a free month when they went over 1% downtime because my server got eaten by a monster or something. Their prices are a bit higher than the average host, but they offer a ton of everything, and their support is fantastic. I would recommend their hosting to anyone.

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    On balance I have to give a thumbs up to Hostony. I have been hosting a number of sites with Hostony for about a year. In general the servers have been reliable and I usually have a good experience with the Customer Support folks.

    There is definitely a range of quality in their CS staff but they all use their full names in their postings on the ticket system and one gets to know who knows what they are doing and who does not.

    Currently I am having a bad few days transferring a shared hosting account on server A to be under my reseller account on server B ... For historical reasons both the accounts used the same underlying Linux account id. I had extensive forum discussions with one of the 2nd tier CS folks about how to deal with the name conflict...

    And then some genius just went and moved the account over *without* doing anything to deal with the name conflict. At this point Hostony CS is working with me to fix it and I have confidence it will be fixed by tomorrow.

    Hostony is my 3rd hosting service... Both the previous ones were more expensive and I cannot imagine either of them dealing with this situation at all.

    --Doug / SalemKayaker

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    They offers great prices.

    And their forum looks like active. I appreciate very much the hosting companies with a forum or live chat

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    Offtopic: I do have to say, they have a very attractive website. Definitely more attractive than many of the other hosts out there.

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