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    Question: SpamAssassin? VPS?

    I have just been told that the volume of spam I receive makes it inevitable that the SpamAssassin running on my domain will go down again. It has been suggested that I should go the VPS route.

    I know nothing about VPS, except that it is much more expensive than the normal hosting that I have been using for the last nine years. Since my site is a non-commercial hobby site with comparatively low traffic, I believe that I would be paying an additional $200 per year just because of spam.

    Heck, I don't get more than 15 REAL emails on my busiest day. But I get 2,000+ spams.

    Just to clarify, I have never done anything to invite spamming. I never respond to them, or even OPEN them unless they've successfully tricked me - and even then, I only use mail clients that don't load HTML, so it's not like the spammers are getting any hits or information back from me at all. I never request to be taken off their lists or anything like that - I know it only encourages them.

    The problem is that I've been online since, jeeze, the late 1980s. And I was pretty active on Usenet, and my email address was in my sig - spam didn't exist back then! So my address must be on every spammer's list in the world.

    My address is my name, so I would rather not give it up.

    I'd very much appreciate any suggestions or feedback.

    Please note that I am NOT making any complaint in this post. Well, except about spammers.

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    Hmm.... not sure if this helps, but I have all my email forwarded to an account at
    From there, I download the non-spam to my computer.
    SpamCop sorts out about 95% of the spam.
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    Wow... 2K spam a day? That's better than one a minute.

    SpamAssassin is a CPU hog, plain and simple, and it likes a LOT of RAM. My experience suggests that it will really kill any VPS it's running on. Not necessarily a bad thing, but... just be warned.

    I'd look into using DNSBLs and doing SPF checks at SMTP time, to reduce the number of actual spam that have to get parsed by SpamAssassin. Even a single fairly unrestrictive blacklist should cut your spam in half, and a combination of two or more and SPF checking should easily get you down to under 500 spam a day, which is - arguably - a much more reasonable number. - offering amazingly competent email, dns, and web hosting since 2002... because someone has to!
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