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    Stand-Alone - Create & Inspire.

    After paying for the full licence of IPB Im proud to announce
    An online forum community dedicated to like minded people who have the ability to do something amazing - to create & inspire.

    Any suggestions?
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    Hmm, no replies to this one yet so let's see...

    1. I would consider a slogan - something more than "Create & Inspire" - that doesn't tell me what is going on there - you can create many things and inspire many more actions. I had to scroll down and read the forum categories to get an idea of what the forums were about.

    2. You are using IPB, so I would recommend not re-directing to the forums when people hit your domain. Instead, put an index page there that displays news for the forums. IPB has an option that allows you to designate one forum as a "news" page - you can then have posts from there appear on the index page as news. In doing this, you can have a home page used for displaying important information about the site and from there, people can hit the forums. This would help a lot for search engine results as well.

    3. I like the colors of the site, though they seem a little "default-ish". It's clean and easy to look at.

    Anyway, not much else to say other than I think #2 is very important and something you should really consider.
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    Thanks alot. Im ahead of you on point 2.

    Im not really keen on idea 3, because I for one get pub off when i a page loads up and its the IPB portal. It's usually pretty hard to customize from what I gather?

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    It's usually pretty hard to customize from what I gather?
    Well, it's not easy - hehe - is that the same thing? I have customized a few and it's not what you would call fun. But it looks good, don't get me wrong and as I said before, I think #2 is the most important and it looks like you are on top of it.

    Good luck with your site
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