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    Just curious what you guys thought -

    Hey Guys,

    Just curious of what you guys thought of's not entirely done yet but should be soon.

    Gavin Miller

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    It's starting to look good.

    I like the photo of the fire trucks in the header.

    The buttons are a bit blurred, and maybe if you could place
    the header right at the top to get rid of most or all of the
    white, that would help tighten up the header.

    And then, like you said, you aren't finished yet, so you'll
    just have to start adding content.

    All the best.

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    Looks pretty good. I would suggest trying this:

    Expand your top red horizontial bar all the way to the top to get rid of the white. Change the color of your buttons to match the grey and red heading you have on the red horizontial bar at the top of your content. Could be wrong, but I believe it might look good that way.

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