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    Thumbs up Logos ON DEMAND (Never Resold) - Just $10

    Its been a while since we have done any promos on WHT, but reccon its about time to start a new offer.

    To oder a logo for JUST $10 visit:

    and click to chat/email someone from sales.

    Quote: m4wht -- to the sales person on liveperson or via email if you prefer that method of contact (or if sales reps are offline). And get the logo for just $10 !!

    The portfolio is there but here are some recent project done for others and my own websites, sorry there a bit messy, I just uploaded a few files from my comp quickly to get something fresh for you to look at:

    *Note the sonic images were used solely for OUR site with full disclaimer on the sites, we will never include copyrighted images in the logos we produce for customers.

    Hope you like what you see, a logo can be yours for just $10 .. and if you dont like it you dont pay*

    *Orders under $50 must be paid by paypal.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon If you have any problems or further question you can PM me or contact me via the website.

    Kindest Regards

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    contacted early yesterday and haven't heard back.

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    2 days and still no word?

    "Get a logo created for your site in minutes"

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    Hello Kanadian,
    We apologise if we have not responded to you however we have no current emailed projects waiting, there is a chance we missed your email as we had alot of people just send blank emails from the form on our site + people asking if they can work for us lol.

    Please try again or PM me the details again and I shall make sure your project is completed right away.

    Kindest Regards

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