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    Please Review our Site

    Hi members,

    DO take a look at our website and what we can offer you. you can visit our website at

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    Another one with no replies... let's see...

    1. The stretched lines at the top of the header do not match up. This may be intentional but it looks like a mistake. I would consider fixing this, or trying something else.

    2. The header is too tall.

    3. I'm not sure how the dancing women relates to coffee or hosting - it seems very out of place.

    4. Consider using roll-over effects on your navigation - not required of course, just an idea to spice it up a bit.

    5. For your sections (Web Services, Reseller Solutions, etc) try using bullet points to break up the features. With everything in bold it's hard read these as seperate items.

    6. for your sections (Web Services, Reseller Solutions, etc) use new representative images. The three used here look as though they have been pulled as-is from another website. Especially the third one as it is on a grey background.

    7. Use a style sheet (CSS) or go through the website and make the fonts consistent. They are of varying types, sizes and colors in many places throughout the site.

    8. Reseller Solution: The links here at the top (ResellerSolutions, LinuxReseller, WindowReseller, and DomainReseller) are all over the place depending on which one you click - some have their bullets next to them, others drop down and have the bullets above them (for an example, click on WindowReseller).

    9. Email Hosting: Same issue with the top links as #8

    10. FAQ: Add a navigation at the top (but below the links already there) for the different sections of the FAQ. You have a lot of info there and adding links to the sections would allow people to quickly jump down to them. Also include links at each section to go "back to top". Just an idea.

    11. Privacy Policy: This link at the bottom of the site does not jump out to a new window while the other two (Terms and Disclaimer) do. This could be a little confusing - I would either make them all open into new windows, or probably more appropriately, make them all open in the current window.


    Well, for a site accepting money from customers for services (hosting in this case) there is a lot of work that should be done. I would also suggest you look around at other hosting prices out there - there are many other sites offering more for less and something you may need to consider (of course you are free to charge as you wish, it's just a suggestion).

    Good luck, and post here again if you make updates you would like reviewed.
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    the design is poor.

    i donot like the header the menus at all.

    well change the title,

    In short is not attractfull.

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    Yes I agree with the previous poster 0 the design is not too good - You also need to sort out your fonts. Too much bold going on


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    The layout needs to be reworked. I'd suggest redoing your design to make it more relevant to your domain name. More "coffee" like.

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