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    Web based Database Software.

    Hi everyone.

    I have question regarding the Web based programming. I wanted to design a browser based software using MySQL+PHP+Apache server.

    I am designing school Management sofware, whereby the Students can view their Billing system, register courses, etc.

    My question is this, How easy is it to program Browser based Softwares? can the software be updated regularly.? In otherwords how does the Stand alone softwares(design in VB) differ than Browser Based. what are the limitations with Browser based Software.

    Thank You.

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    personally I find php much easier than vb ( of course im not a big fan of vb to begin with ). the beauty of web applications is that when you need to do an update you dont need to distribute a patch. they will always be greeted by the newest latest version of the application every time they visit your site.

    one thing though. when you say browser based - you do realise that most of what is going on is actually server based. unless you are using extensive javascript, very little is happening in the browser. you simply make a request and php figures out what to send.

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    With regards the design process, this varies dependant on how you are designing your Visual Basic. If your utilising UML to design OO software in general then you can utilise similar techniques to model PHP in theory. Don't forget that PHP is also OO and although you will have to look at it from a different perspective (a server basis) it can still be designed in a similar way. Nevertheless if you are using Pseudocode, data flow diagrams et cetera then these are all fine providing it models the system fully.

    If you require any more information with regards system designs then contact me.

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    You're trying to find distinguishments between client-side software vs. server-side to manage student billing?

    The transactions can differ, as in what you can do between an HTTP request.

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