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    [For Sale] Imgs, Logos, Template

    Everything listed below is for sale. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about one, please either PM me on the forums, message me on aim( restrlctlon, those are L's), or email me at joshuajbennett @

    (What you get from the sale is a .PSD file. If you wish for me to make changes to the logos for you, such as change what the text says and save to an optimal web format(png, jpg, or gif)--I will do that free of charge, and you will also still recieve the PSD, along with full unique rights, including resale rights.)

    First off are a few drawings. In my opinion, they would be useful to a hosting company

    First one is a computer, front and side view:
    Computer front
    Computer Side

    Second is a server which matches the above computer:

    Dark Logo - Good for a graphics website or graphics community.
    Kanga 1 & Kanga 2 - Sold together, a unique fun character drawn logo.
    Live support - Good graphics for a website that works with communications, or for use as a support icon for a hosting company. Comes with large 600px by 600px graphics of the headset.
    Clean Logo - Very clean and sharp looking.
    Logo2 A & Logo2 B - Sharp 3d looking logo great for your upload website.
    Logo 3 - Another logo.
    Picture Logo - A Picture related logo.


    Forums Template

    If you are interested in any of these and would like to make an offer-- please feel free to contact me via any of the above info. Thanks.

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    Recieved offer of $30 for forum skin(TF). If no more offers by 10pm central--will be sold.

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    $10 bid recieved for Logo package: "Logo2 A & B"

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    Forum Template Sold.

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    $10 on the kangaroo logos

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    Offer for Kanga logos recieved.


    Addition to sales!

    Gaming Website Template


    What you get:
    • Css File
    • Html file
    • PSD
    • Any Fonts used
    • Unique -- sold only to one person
    • Resale rights

    Starting Bid: $30
    BIN: First high offer will take.

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