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    web hosting business

    Hi everyone,

    I am new member to web hosting forum, and I have questions regarding web hosting business.

    I recenlty brought an HP Server and loaded WIN2003 server. I have DSL Internet connection and wanted to establish a web hosting business from home.

    My first question is this what is a Static IP? can I use it to host multiple web sites.? in other words how can i establish web hosting business from home.? what are the things that I require. ?

    How save is it Running LINUX SERVER.?

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    I'm afraid most people on this board (myself included) are going to tell you that running a hosting business from home is a bad idea. The problem is redundancy, the second is bandwidth. It's always a much better idea to get a reseller account, a dedicated server, or colocate.

    A static IP is one that won't change, as opposed to dynamic IPs which come with a 'lease' and have no guarantee that you will have the same IP after your 'lease' expires.

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    I do agree with colklink. I think it will be better if you do some research and get a Reseller Account. Also before starting web hosting company, make sure that you know how most of the things work and remember when you receive the payment you take the obligation to provide the service you have promised to the customer, you can not fade away.
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    The key word you used Darman is BUSINESS. What you are proposing to do is run a particular type of business. A smart businessman won't go and get the equipment before sorting out how the business will operate, what legal requirements must be met, how it will be funded, etc.
    My advice is - do heaps of research. Then, if you still want to establish your business do things like sort out your financing and do a business plan. Make sure you have the technical knowledge - if in doubt, don't do it.
    I completely agree with what the others said - if you do decide to go for it, start out with a reseller plan and build up from there.

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    I'll only the ditto the above, running a server off a home dsl connection for a production environment isn't smart; and you appear to have no knowledge of how the OS / technical side of the system works. My advice also is read read read until you are 100% confident that you can do this; by then you should know the terminology and realise why your current plan is not right for the hosting market.

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    I remember a few years ago someone asked me if hosting would eventually be done from users homes instead of the typical server farms.

    At first I thought to myself, "wow, wouldn't that be something?" but then quickly realized how that wasn't practical, at least not with the current infrastructure needed to host a site.

    Keep in mind the server needs to be online 24/7 every single day of the year. Are you equipped to at least do that? Is your Internet provider that reliable? If they have an outage, so do your paid clients.

    Do you have a backup Internet connection that can be used in case your main line goes down? You'll need that and it will cost.

    How about if there's a storm in your area and the power goes you have enough battery backup to keep the servers on for a few hours, perhaps overnight?

    Is your Internet provider able to give you enough of a pipe to allow for a couple hundred sites to operate smoothly? The last thing you want is for clients to report sluggish connections to their sites. Your connection should be very fast, especially as your business grows.

    These are all things to consider and we haven't even gotten to the maintenance, security, updating aspect yet.

    As others have mentioned, try a reseller account first with a reputable company and everything I mentioned above won't be an issue for you. You can focus on your customer support, marketing and hosting plans while your host handles the backend. If you're that serious about starting your own data center you'll quickly learn what's involved once you see what your host does.

    You can use static IPs when you go with a reseller, most hosts offer this. This is where you have multiple sites sharing the same IP address and is a common practice.

    Linux servers are tried and true, a nice platform to get started with.

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