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    HTML on IE and Firefox Look Diff Need Help

    Hello , well i have started designing websites , i run IE on my PC and usually nothing else, i work on my sites upload them check them out on IE and i never really thought about Firefox and all the other browsers... and today i installed firefox , i looked at my sites and they look like crap the videos dont show the table colors are wrong , borders many things look real bad on Firefox but just perfect on IE ... Below are some links from my sites if u can please take a look at them compare them and help me out with a few pointers on the probs.. Thanks in advance

    Probs: Cant see Flash Banners , Visible Tables , Cant See Embeded Videos ...

    Any Tips will help alot

    Take a look at , Projects , Riders Page ,

    Probs: Buttons Are not inline , Table colors are wrong , visible Tables

    The Biggest problem i am seeing is the Tables Colors and seeing the tables that are suppost to be invisible ... i can try to see what the embeded videos prob is but the Borders i cant figure out please compare this 2 sites with IE , and any other Browsers u have and point out some problems with small solutions for this

    Thanks So Much in advance

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    I think u should make 2 sites and charge a lil mor ;-) make a lil link uptop for firefox?

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    i dont think thats a good solution it will be twice the work for only a few problems that may be fixed with a simple code change

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