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    * One domain registered at two different regisrar

    is it possible to registered one domain at two different registrar at the same time?

    Yes, this is what I encountered, I registered a domain in registrar A, and after that they tell me that some problem with my credit card, they can't charge it..

    Then I straight away registered the domain at registrar B, it's ok to register, but then Registrar A email me said that my order has been process successfully..

    so the domain name is been register in two registrar at the same time...

    Any comment on this?

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    no it cant be with 2 regitrars, it can only exist once
    try a whois and find out which company its actuall registered with
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    Probably you will now recieve an email from registrar B saying that there was a problem to your domain and that it realy was already registred.

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    You can not register one domain with two Registrars. There can be only 1 entry in the Registry
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    Sounds like one of them will be sending you an error soon.
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    An enom-based software engineer once reported that every 6-8
    months give or take, the verisign registry would report that A has
    taken the name, when it's actually B that got it. This especially
    happens if the name was taken through a backorder service like
    club drop or pool, or it so happens another registrar got it.

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    Sometimes when there are too may orders in queue it takes time for a registrar to process all orders. In your case most probably registrar A registered the domain and registrar B will report domain is unavailable.

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    just goto and read the REGISTRAR tag on top, see which registrar is it
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