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    [Wanted] Tech / Gadget / News Writers Paid Positions

    We are looking for Technology, Gadget, and Tech News writers. These are paid positions, i.e. average length of brief is 150-250 words. We are looking for people to search the web and tech blogs looking for breaking news and summarizing and submitting as soon as you’re finished as time is of the essence in bringing the stories to the site. We have editors that review submitted news 24/7/365 so if your up and looking to make some money you can be submitting your stories at anytime. This position can turn into a Senior Staff position.

    Submissions can cover a wide range of technology from next-gen gaming consoles to OLCD displays, its all news to us.

    Your stories will be reviewed by editors if accepted will be posted.

    Payment will be via PayPal, so to be compensated you must have a PayPal account.

    Please submit a sample story no more than 250 and no less than 150 words to writerswanted [at] Try to bring a little wit into your stories, the site is aimed at catching the eye of the reader and we want to offer them something else they cant get off another site.

    Submissions need to be in Word or HTML format with image related to story.

    With your submission please include your 150 & 250 word rate and an average number of stories you can submit day and/or week.

    Any questions please direct them to writerswanted [at]

    We look forward to seeing what you got.

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    I am intrested in this.

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    I have been doing this since February this year for M&C, I am emailing you links and sample.

    I can submit 5-10 tech news stories or more if required. I'll be available from July Onwards.

    email sent, looking forward a reply.

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