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    * Tektonic - Bumbling Incompetants

    Tektonic are cowboys, and I would recommand anyone considering them to stay clear. I have just abandoned them after being down for 8 days and getting little to no response from their tech support. All I needed initally was the machine wiped after it was rooted. They spend 4 days responding , and then pointed me to an admin page where I could supposedly do this. The page was broken. A plain old wipe would have done me at first, but now the machine had been running for 4 days and I couldnt get into it. I needed to get backups of the last 4 days mail. So I asked them to reboot the box so I could get in and backup, and then could they wipe please. 24 hours later they bounced the box and told me the admin page was fixed. Well, not quite, the admin page was allowing me to log in, but informed me I had insufficient privilages to wipe and reinstall. Back to techtonic support again. 24 hours later they finally wiped and reinstalled as I originally requested. (6 days after the fault was reported). 12 hours later as I was reconfiguring the server it mysteriously dropped off the net. Could not even ping it. I Contacted techtonic and never heard back from them again. I have asked them to cancel my account, but they have not even responded to let me know if they have done that. I have lost all of the clients I hosted from the machine, my reputation, my data, my hair and my sleep for over a week. I would highly recommend steering clear of these incompetants.

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    This is a story nobody likes to hear as reality sets in that everything could just go up in smoke at some point in time. This is true for web hosting or any other situation in life. Always have a backup plan and be prepared for the unexpected. I'm not trying to make it sound like you did anything wrong. I feel bad that this type of inconvenience has to be placed on anyone. I wish you luck in your future ventures. Hang in there!

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    8 Days is allot for being down and no response.

    Were they trying to contact you back on a email address that was on the downed server?
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    Hi Rodney,

    It wasnt 8 days with absoutely no response. If you read the first post in detail you will see the too and fro. average response to a mail was probably 48-72 hours. The responses where typically in the form of 'try using this web control panel' - when the control panels did not work. My last message to them gave them a deadline to either get me running or cancel my account. That was about 5 days ago now, still no response to even let me know if my account has been cancelled



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    Now to add insult to injury , they did not cancel the account and they billed me , I mailed them to complain, and it took 2 days for them to respond (and no refund yet)

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