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    VISA Card decline at payment time

    Hi guys,
    I am a Romanian guy who just wants to pay for a hosting space

    I have had problems with my payment online:
    I fed up my ING Bank VISA Electron with enough money to pay for a
    reseller hosting plan + 1 year domain.
    Don't worry there are enough money and more. It was still declined
    I call at the bank but everything seems to be fine from their side. I am not very sure wether ytheir billing system does not recognized my card or is something wrong with the bank.

    I must mention:
    - this is my first online payment in my life
    - I have a ING Bank VISA Electron Card issued in Cluj, Romania on my name
    - in the form I entered at CC card number the 16 digits card no. with no spaces
    - at security code I entered the CVV2 of the back side of the card, last 3 digits only.
    - Is it always ok?

    Maybe you all guys living in civilized countries understand better this sort of problems. Please let me now what you think


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    AFAIK Visa Electron does create issues. No all online merchants can accept them for reasons I didn't care to investigate further.

    Maybe it would be easier (though not necessarily cheaper) to simply get another type of card? I don't know the range of cards offered by the Romanian ING Bank, but I do know that BCR still issues those Virtuon cards that are designed for use on the Internet.

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    Many hosting providers who uses a merchant account uses a AVS (address verification system) that most banks not in the US does not support. The host has to turn AVS off in order for overseas customers like yourself to be able to accept there credit card. When you place your order with said host, ask them to look into there error log at the merchant level for the reason it was declined. Most of the time it is due to the AVS.
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