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Get free IM alerts with our own private Instant Messaging server!
15 minute monitoring intervals!
Multi-location scanning - each server is checked 3 times from two locations before sending an alert!
Free email alerts also of course as always!
SMS alerts available! (for premium accounts)
Monitor ping, http, mysql, dns and http with keyword check!
MySQL slave monitoring available - contact for details!
Monitor all your servers with one account!
Online status page showing current status, down/uptimes and lots of stats!
Full uptime stats with funky graphs showing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly uptime!
Server response time stats! (with obligatory funky graphs! )
Account management page to delete/edit your monitors and update your IM alerts.
Handy traceroute graphs to help diagnose your network issues!

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Premium accounts also available with SMS alerts and all these additional cool features..

Upto 50 sms alerts per month! (more available if needed )
'Pause' feature for sms alerts - so you don't waste them!
Custom scanning frequency - from 1 minute to 60 minutes!
Lock reports - to keep your stats private!
Disable ads on your report pages - great for hosts!

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