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    * Help! Can someone explain WHMap recurring billing via paypal

    I was wondering if someone can explain exactly how WHMap recurring billing via paypal works. When the customer intially sign up for a plan via paypal is it then on autopilot, it just charges the credit card each month. Or is there something else I have to do on my end.

    Also somebody mentioned 2co is it the same with them. Also how is their service, I signed up for an account about 2 yrs ago but never used it. But if I remeber they hold money until like the 16th & 30th of the month am I correct.

    Also does anyone know somebody who can install whmap for me? I thought I saw somebody offering to do it for like $5 but can't remember the post.

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    With most Billing scripts, when PayPal is used for payment there will be a Subscription created which automatically collects payment -- according to the amount and frequency specified in your Hosting package.

    Don't use 2co so no comment there.

    Any Billing script installation should be done with care & attention. That usually means at least an hour or more and someone charging $5 should be avoided at all costs. - for all your Hosting needs
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    That is correct it creates an invoice in WHMAP and once you receive the
    payment by subscription you can mark it as paid.

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    1.So must I create the subscription button for paypal myself in paypal? Then manually mark the invoices in paid in whp?

    If 1 is true then I could just do that with clientexe right?

    2.Or will whmap create the subscription buttons and mark the invoices paid?

    Re the $5.00 install - I originally installed whmap in about 20 min the first time with hostgator, however since I have switched over to hz i am trying to install again but it is different. So I don't think it should take someone who knows it well to take much longer than me if any.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    The current version of clientexec (version 2.3) does not support paypal subscription. Version 2.5 will have the paypal subscribe option which will auto debit your clients paypal account and mark invoices paid. I do not know when 2.5 will be available.
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    No need to create any subscription button, all you do in WHMAP is add your
    Paypal account name.

    When a new client sign's up it creates an invoice & there account. when they
    pay the invoice will auto mark to paid. (only on new clients)

    Each month the invoices are created by a cron which will add the subscription
    based invoices into the unpaid area, once the invoice has been paid you can
    mark it paid.

    In the new V3 version I think you will have the option to enable as well as
    disable the use of subscriptions. It will run rather like Modernbill where an
    invoice is sent to the client and the client pays the invoice it will not
    automatically deduct any funds from the clients account.

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    First, you need to setup your hosting packages and paymet gateway(s) and a few other things.

    Then your customers will go though a checkout system such as:
    step_one.php ----> step_two.php ---> step_three.php ---> PayPal ---> and the account will be setup.

    Each month you will have to mark each invoice as "PAID". The payment will automatically be sent to your PayPal account until they cancel the subscription. If done by mistake, you can re-send a payable invoice to them. If they did it on purpose and want to cancel the account you can terminate the account.

    Hope that helps you a little bit.

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