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    CWI Hosting Truly Sucks...

    If you want to listen to false claim by someone who works for CWI and is being paid to help prevent the spread of their bad name go ahead. On the other had you can listen to what CWI customers are saying... its your choice.

    I read the following post:

    My experience with CWI is similar (I was shocked - them again I am not surprised since I too have been using CWI for one year) only that I have had a worse experience.

    Almost every week the site does down (sometimes several times a week) and the SSL certificate does down more often for no reason. There have been times when even the support site was down when you need to tell then to put your site back online.

    Well today they shut down our site because I spammed my subscribers ( I send on average 7 emails to my members per week for one year now) but today it appears that I have started spamming the same members that I had just sent an email some hours ago. Anyway the site was down for two hours and I would not get to their support anyway so I tought here we go again... After about three hours I called the support line was shocked to here that the site was shut down due to "spamming" ... I went off on the poor guy who said that the CTO some damn *** called Jason (this guy is Ruuudee and a smart ***). Keep in mind that I was supposed to have received an email from the very server they had shut down. The guy promised to get the site back online which he did after about 6 hours but the SSL certificate was down and remains down as I write this. We are missing out on some sales for sure here is an example:

    This is an enquiry e-mail from Roger
    When I click on the subscribe link, I get the following error:
    The page cannot be displayed
    The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.

    If you were shopping around for a hosting service please do not give your business to this guys because you will regret it.

    Here is what you will get when you sign up and start using this hosting service.

    Hello Eric Muathe:

    This email is in regards to your account which you host on our servers. It has came to our attention that you were sending out a large mailing earlier today. This mailing in its large quantity has flooded the mail servers processing queue. In addition, it appears that we have already received complaints from several postmasters about this mailing. As this is not the first time we have brought this issue to your attention, we have suspended your site to prevent blacklisting like what occurred last time when you sent a large mailing.

    As you appear to need to send out large quantities of email, we would recommend moving to a dedicated server. We will be moving your site to a temporary holding server for 7 days. During this 7 day period you will either need to make arrangements to move to a dedicated server or other arrangements. However at this point we can no longer host your site on a shared server as its impact and future risk towards other customers on this server is too great.

    Once your site has been moved it should begin loading from that server.

    Jason A. Taylor - CTOCWI

    PLEASE NOTE: The information in this private e-mail message is confidential and intended only for the use of the intended recipient. Any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please immediately notify us by e-mail, and destroy the original message. Thank you.

    Real Managed Hosting with WIDESCOPE Support

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    How many members exactly do you send out your 7 weekly emails? If it's a big number, and you send it out everyday, I think you should move on to a dedicated server.

    It looks like they did what they thought was best for their clients. Spam is a big issue on the internet and people take it very seriously these days.

    Maybe you should have added an unsubscribing system for those people who did not want to be on your mailing lists. Anyone can report your emails to authorities and get your IP blacklisted which could cost the web host quite a lot of money.

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    Could it be that your forum software or similar was hacked and use to spam out?

    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    Thumbs down Sucks I Would Not Use This Hosting Service...

    Itís a small number of emails. In the last year I have easily sent with no problem anywhere from 500 to 3000 emails. When they took my site off line I had sent out about 560 emails. A small number of emails by any measure.

    It is a scam they run to make you upgrade to their dedicated server. I did a search for on Google and Yahoo and this is very common practice at CWI.
    They wait for you to me a member of a couple of months then they surprise you by taking you offline and telling you to consider dedicated hosting...
    Take a look at the following on a blog I found online (another complaint):
    Hello Chin:

    Unfortunately I am unable to unsuspend your account. I am sorry that you do not feel that there is any problem with your scripting... You will need to close your account or move your site to a dedicated server. I am sorry it these two options sound harsh, however they are your ONLY options for your domain. Please let me know what you choose, otherwise within 48 hours your account will be deleted by default.


    Jason Taylor is the worst hosting service anywhere BEWARE!!

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    If you are not happy with them, why not swifting to another server, they are plenty of providers here .

    500emails is not much for a site that do email marketing.

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