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    Thumbs up *4* Thumbs up for

    Hell I got 4 thumbs, go figure

    Greetings WHT,

    Well this is basically a review post of;
    I've been with beachcomber since hmmm Last september? so that's like what? 9 months I've been with them.
    Nothing but great service and support.

    Sales Support - 10/10

    Mark (owner) and Tim were the 2 main guys I've spoken to, both were friendly always looking out for their customers.

    Price - 10/10

    For the price around $150 (avg) Fully Managed, 24x7 support staffs with cpanel/whm/fantastico/other great stuff
    What more can you ask for?

    Support - 11/10

    Email Response ( 30 minutes or less ), by the way, their live support where they just launched is a definite plus, I've use the live tech support almost 20 times, issues solved either immediately or very quickly. ( 10 miness or less )

    Overall - 11/10

    I don't know where that extra point came from, but what can I say? They're GREAT!

    Again... *4* thumbs up

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    i second this.

    been with them for about 6 months now with no down time (except for a kernel upgrade).

    pricing is great, network is great and support is fantastic!

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    Been with them for over an Year now and its been great.

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