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    We currently have a number of special offers on our UK co-location services.

    We operate a 500mbps network which consists of feeds from multiple transit providers and peering points.

    You can ping/trace to our network using IP:

    Our network is only a few hops away from LINX and is directly connected to XchangePoint and LIPEX.

    All packages below have no minimum contracts and are billed on a month by month basis.

    All transit is burstable to 100Mbps - usage is billed at 95th percentile.

    1u Rackspace w/ 1Mbps Transit -> 27.99 per month
    1u Rackspace w/ 2Mbps Transit -> 40.98 per month

    Extra rackspace is available -> 17.50 per unit per month

    We also offer a package ideal for gaming servers.

    Upto 2u Rackspace w/ Unlimited bandwidth for gaming servers -> 39.99 per month

    Per GB billing is also available.

    1u Rackspace w/ 350GB Monthly Data Transfer -> 27.99 per month
    1u Rackspace w/ 700GB Monthly Data Transfer -> 40.98 per month

    We can cater for higher bandwidth and rackspace commits. Please contact us ([email protected]) for more information.

    For more information, contact [email protected] or ask your questions here.
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