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    Question Should replies be turned off in the requests board?

    Should replies be turned off in the requests board?

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    No I don't think so!! It is much easier to ask what someone is looking for the way it is. e.g what happens if the forget to include an important piece of information like their Bandwidth requirements. Everybody would have to PM them.

    I think allowing replies in the requests forum has more advantages than disadvantages. But that's just me.

    What does everybody else think??
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    Well I was gonna vote anonymously; but I messed up my vote.

    Would a mod could change mine from No to Yes, please?

    When they were first turned off, I didn't think it was a good idea.
    But, when they were turned back on, I quickly changed my mind.

    Just my thoughts.

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    I think Yes as well.

    Perhaps I'm not aggressive enough, but when I see 5 desperate replies to a 15 minute old request, I lose all desire to make an offer of my own. When replies were off, I had no qualms about emailing the thread-starter, even though I knew I was probably the 17th person to do so.

    Is that a selfish reason? Hmm. Perhaps I should have said nothing.

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    Replies should stay on, but with a couple of rules

    1) No "i've sent ya a PM" posts. There's already a rule about this and it should be enforced. I say there should be a 3 day ban for each occurrence.

    2) No replies to month old requests; those that do should be banned for 3 days

    3) Other hosts should not/can not comment on another hosts offer, other than to clarify the offer(ie, no flaming/bashing)

    WHT has got to become stricter, only then will n00bies learn and the community become a better place overall...

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