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    Saskia From Big Brother Domain

    Saskia From Big Brother

    Saskia is famous from Big Brother - broadcast on TV 'channel 4' (UK)

    How much domain worth?
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    Not a lot.

    She won't become anything.

    On the other hand, she has a lovely pair of.. eyes.

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    Check out this weeks "Nuts". Its got some lovely pictures of her ..eyes

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    Thanks for the tip mate.

    I am a great eye fan.

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    Originally posted by mastermind10 not that sure but id say less then 100
    Yeah, less than 100 cent.

    1. She'll be forgotten about when the show is over, the only famous Big Brother stars are the ones from the original series, the show is past its sell by date.

    2. The name is stinking awful. Saskia Howard Clarke? Too many opportunities for spelling errors.

    3. The domain is difficult to type thanks to the hyphen.

    4. It would be a very weak domain even if it were .com. The fact that its .net abolishes any small value it may have held.

    Value: $0

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    Apart from Kate Lawler.

    I would

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